UTECO Macedonia is one of the leading companies in the industrial and building automation.

It has an active presence in the Balkan's territory via selected collaborators. UTECO Macedonia is located in Bitola, Republic of Macedonia.

Because of the increased needs of the wider region Balkan's Paninsula, there was created the CENTER OF SALES for NORTHERN BALKAN, with headquarters in Bitola.

In UTECO Macedonia the total support of the customer after the sale is a top priority.

UTECO Macedonia has also export character with sales mainly in the Balkan countries.

In UTECO Macedonia clients are included the majority of the most important industrial units of all sectors, industrial and building companies as well as technical offices.

Important factor for the progress and the prosperity of the company is the human potential. This is realized with continuous education on the existing personnel, all with experience in their field, with love for their work and devotion at the aims of growth and progress of UTECO Macedonia.

The product categories

UTECO's name is associated with the benefit of solution provision in temperature measurement.

Temperature was and remains the basic parameter and the most measured variable in the industrial and marine automation as well as in the individual productive process, laboratories, R & D were the precision in measurement is essential.

Since 1997 our production is certified with ISO 9001, characteristic of our devotion to quality.

Our continuous investment in production machinery, innovative processes and the specialized education of our personnel, gives us the capability of product standardization as well as of special constructions according to customer's demand (customized products).

The product categories of the temperature sensors department are:

  • Thermocouples ( K, J, T, N, R, S, B etc.)
  • Resistance thermometers ( PT 100, PT 1000, Ni 100 etc.)
  • Thermistors ( NTC, PTC)
  • Special cables (compensating, extension, instrumentation cables)
  • Accessories: connection heads, connectors, pockets, ceramic, high temp. tubes
  • Transmitters: 4-20 mA, 0-10 V, HART, Profibus, ATEX etc.
  • Portable instruments, Calibrators

Very often, customers are facing difficulties in describing the sensor (since a sample or drawing is not available).

See bellow some of the characteristics which are useful to specify the sensor you want to order:

Form of the sensor (with connection head, cable, connector etc)

  • Head type (DIN A,B,J, Stainless Steel, plastic, Exd, e.t.c)
  • Cable type & length (PVC-PVC, Silicone-Braided, Teflon etc)
  • Connector type (mini, standard, male, female or both as a set)

Type of sensor element (PT100, K, J, T, N, R etc)

  • Single or double

Probe diameter

Probe length

Sheath material (Stainless, flame proof, ceramic, etc)

Temperature measuring range

Process connection (racord, Flange, sanitary, bayonet, etc)

Head mounted transmitter

  • Temperature range: ex. 0-50oC
  • 4-20 mA or 0-10V

Short description of the sensor's application

Calibration certificate

  • Specify range (ex. –10…+30) or 3 points (ex. –8,0, +8 oC)